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Help get our students excited about learning!

We're bringing highly engaging, culturally relevant, and technology-enhanced lessons to Students in JJ facilities


Since 2012, CEEAS has sponsored a series of initiatives designed to make learning engaging and relevant to students held in secure facilities. Frequently, these initiatives have introduced teachers and students to instructional technology, as well. These initiatives have been interspersed throughout the year, often aligned with cultural and historical benchmarks. For example, Words Unlocked, our nationwide poetry initiative, coincides with national poetry month in April, while Unsung, our songwriting initiative ties into Youth Justice month, sponsored by our friends at the Coalition for Juvenile Justice.

The initiatives have connected teachers, many of whom work in small, isolated detention centers across the country to each other, building a sense of community and fellowship. Further, they have amplified the voices, words, and creativity of students held in confinement.

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